By: Shall Not Fall

The Human Effect E.P.



A storm is coming, can you feel it?
It is happening all around you, can you feel it too?

The time has drawn near. We must find a way to survive. Our fate, become clear. A destiny we can’t deny.

Do you hear the cries from around the world? In a turbulence of awareness.
Our blindfold has been removed.
Can you feel it too?
Do you see the monstrosity we’ve become. Living in a life of ignorance.
Our lives have been taken from us.
Our brothers have died in vain

… ohh.

A new beginning to an old end.
Brace yourself for what is to come.
An old end to a new beginning.
The circle revolves
around again.

And so this is the end.
The secrets are known by all.
Our last moments have come.
Inconceivable these things, these things we have done.
This has all started such a long time ago.
The world that lay before it.
No one survives, survives that has known.

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