Hey people!

We had a great show last month in Toronto – our first one there.  We met a bunch of amazing heavy bands and were very happy with the venue and sound guy.  You don’t always luck out that way when playing a new venue for the first time.  The weather was also very warm and so the load in/ drive to the show went without a hitch.

In other news Shall Not Fall  have a brand new song soon to be slipping into our regular song rotation.  We think it will be a nice addition to  our live shows in 2017.  There could be a clue buried in this post somewhere, but for now we are keeping the song details to ourselves.    

We have a window in our live show schedule  right now so we are concentrating on material that has been in development behind the scenes from last year.  There is definitely no shortage of material with this band.  Some remixing will also be  happening to bring our earliest songs a little more in line with our current sound sonically.  So if things seem a little quiet – trust us when we say we are always making a lot of noise behind the scenes.

We want to keep bringing our music to you live! If you are in need of a heavy supporting act in GTA/K-W/London/Brantford/Hamiltion area contact us!