Live show soon – New song NOW!





In celebration of our show September 9th at Van Gogh’s Ear (Guelph, Ontario) – we’ve decided it’s time to unleash our true death metal side. A brand new song,  recorded for a while now. A song we held back on releasing to you good people until –  just such a time….

…. we present to you  –   Within


Live Shall Not Fall – it HAD to happen!



We,  the guys from Shall Not Fall,  are very happy to finally announce that our first show EVER — has been confirmed!

Those of you within travelling distance of Guelph, Ontario can check us out at Van Gogh’s Ear – a prominent venue that has been part of the local scene for years.










The date is Friday September 9th @ 9pm.  We will be supporting other cool bands: Luke Austin and Zealots Desire.


Needless to say we hope this is only the beginning – and that plenty of shows will soon follow in the near future. However this is ground zero – this is the beginning.  Please come out and support us and the other great bands – not to mention a kick ass venue (far too few remain) that has the balls to keep live music happening in Guelph.


Click the link below to find the venue!

Van Goghs Ear – Guelph, ONmap

Live shows summer 2016!




Let it be known – Shall Not Fall is officially seeking shows to unleash our music live.  No  dates yet – but you can be sure they will be listed here when they are confirmed. If you are looking for a heavy band to play in the Guelph/ Tri-city area hit us up at:


Studio update: We are pushing forward mostly behind the scenes with mixing/studio magic.  We will play live and rehearse while still finalizing our latest recording.  When there are hard details to post they will also be here.  For now if you need to refresh your memory of our latest song click here:

Zac took a day off and rocked the bass live in his other band. 'Cause you need to change it up right?

Fool me once




A fool about drums…

Do you give a shit about drums?  Do you care about the little things that go into a recording?  Do you ever consider how much a band does to create something from nothing (making art/music) and then developing/refining the music and finally capturing it to release to the public at large?


I’m guessing that most of you don’t.  Why should you?

That is our job – we are fools for this stuff.  We get very detail oriented which can be a blessing AND a curse.  The danger is – you run the risk of getting so caught up in the details that you lose the big picture.

All birch in 2016! The current drum rig for pre-production

The big picture for us is to make music that kicks ass, and then go out live and kick YOUR ass in person.

We want to give you your fix of some heavy music that gets you through your work out, bad day at work, argument with your significant other – or puts a smile on your face as you crank your radio and put your foot to the floor out for a drive on a beautiful, sunny day.


Pre-production: guitars only? I guess the drums and bass lines are already perfect!

How music makes you feel – that’s the key point.  How it is made is probably about as interesting as watching paint dry for the majority of the people reading this post. So I really don’t want to make another post about how we are getting close to recording more Shall Not Fall music.  About how much work/fun it is for us.

The bottom line is we care about these songs.  We pour all that we have into them with the hope that you will hear the results in the end.  Does it matter to you that I use microphone “x” on my snare drum?  Does it matter what colour the paint is in the mixing room?  Nope.

The world can always use another great band, great album or great song.  That is my opinion.  There may be tonnes of them out there already, but there is always room for one more.  If we can be that band, have that album, or one song for YOU.  Then I think we have spent our time well.

*Drops mic*


Lars and I – working on getting that magical St. Anger snare sound! APRIL FOOL




Inertia…..what inertia?

febblogpicMid February 2016:  This time of year is typically pretty non-eventful.  Most of the “significant” holidays are behind us for another year. There isn’t a whole lot to look forward to except possibly a March break getaway or the eventual end of the winter months.

Shall Not Fall is working against this potential inertia by continuing to produce new material.  Writing and recording new songs seemed the best use of our collective time due to tighter schedule constraints recently. We have always had a surplus of new ideas since S.N.F. began. And since all of us are at home in the studio and love the creative give and take of song writing, it was an easy choice to get to work solidifying many of our ideas into brand new songs.


We’re having fun right guys??

This work can sometimes be about as unglamorous as the time of year we are doing it in. Tweaking tempos by as little as one beat per minute, miniscule arrangement ideas and tuning changes, lyrics and song titles being kicked around etc. We are pushing forward and making fantastic progress. Getting the small things right usually helps you get the big things right in the end.

We have a total of five songs being developed at this moment. These songs are stretching our boundaries and helping us to explore new territory.  Shall Not Fall has a love of all things heavy, but we are also influenced by many other bands and styles of music. An outside musician is even being considered for a certain song at the moment. So if you think you know us – you may be in for a nice surprise! Our target is to fuse our old and new material together and form a killer live set. Then we will concentrate on live shows for the rest of the year.


Sometimes the best way forward is to put your head down and continue placing one foot in front of the other. Just imagine: nice weather, a cool beverage in your hand and brand new Shall Not Fall music in your device of choice – or better yet on stage in front of you very soon!


New song: Awaken

Well just as promised we have the first of two tracks recorded last summer for you to finally listen to.

This song is one of our heaviest yet – see if you agree!


Dredging out this life
So estranged to humanity
Taking the last breath
Fighting every step
Nonconformance to society

Deeper down the rabbit hole
I don’t care how far it goes
The walls are closing in
This nightmare is set to begin

We think
What they want us to think

We feel
What they want us to feel

We want
What they want us to want

We are
What they want us to be

Rise from the ashes
Fight the unnamed
Fists clenched with rage
We will not be restrained

Find the strength to fight
Or step aside
We are the broken
Remains of mankind

Our differences unite us
Make no mistake
The ones that manipulate
Are the ones to blame

They prey upon our fears
To take freedom away
Just look around you
We’re all trapped in this cage

Our differences unite us
Make no mistake
The ones that manipulate
Are the ones enslaved

Forsake your early grave
We hate
Who they want us to hate
When only the dead
Can avoid this plague
We are left
To define our age.

New Year – (same) Old story

Happy 2016 from the guys of Shall Not Fall: Zac, Leonidas and Mark!


We apologize for the lack of website presence lately and assure you we are still working behind the scenes to bring our goals to fruition. What goals??  These ones!

  1. The release of two new SNF songs recorded last summer.  These songs are awaiting approval of the final mix – They will be posted soon after for you to check out. Expect an announcement soon!
  2. Five more, BRAND NEW songs are being written that have been in development since August or so. These songs  will show another side to the band – you will need to hear them for yourself to see what we mean! To be recorded (and hopefully released) in the first half of 2016.
  3. There is a good chance that all our material will be collected into a new release (the new stuff above plus our The Human Effect demo). Repackaged, remixed, and re-recorded possibly?  Stay tuned!
  4. And finally….LIVE SHOWS. 

All in all 2015 was a great year for us.  We moved into the compound and made good use of the environment to record new material.  We also released The Human Effect ep as well.  The last quarter of the year brought some expected and not so expected challenges for us to deal with. But life would be so boring without a challenge or two wouldn’t it?

Once again, Happy New Year!


Labour Daze



Hey everyone!

A new month is here and summer is quickly drawing to a close.  Shall Not Fall  got to see some great shows as well as record two more original songs and continue to write new material – so it has been a very satisfying summer for us.

Things keep rolling forward here and we thought we’d mention two pretty cool things coming from the band very soon!

1. SNF are coming to a live stage near you!  We are expecting to confirm our very first gig very soon. If you live in the area of Guelph, Cambridge, or Kitchener/Waterloo – get ready.

2.  The band will release two brand new, original songs. Both songs were recorded during our July session just over two months ago. We had a great time doing them and soon you can finally check out what kinds of ideas have been coming out of us since our five song demo last November!



Shall Not Fall is excited to finally hit the stage armed with two more songs- so keep your eyes peeled to this site for all this stuff (and more) to come down the pipeline!




Post recording update #1

Shall Not Fall is happy to report that the main recording process is in the can.  Most of the parts were completed during the July 4th weekend sessions- but vocally we left things open to get the best results.  We are ALL very happy with the sounds, and music so far.



Mixing has been ongoing back and forth – but will continue for while yet. We are under no strict deadlines so the songs will get the time that they deserve. Song titles are still being hammered out and the release date is still tbd.


So rest assured we are hard at work and continuing to bring new SNF tunes your way!







We will update this site as soon as there is more to report to keep you in the loop.


School’s Out – Metal is IN.

Summer is here and most people are relaxing and enjoying the good weather – but the members of  Shall Not Fall are not like most people!  We are hard at work with a new recording. The back half of June was spent in pre-production and recording began July 4th (and is still on going as I type this). The main tracks will be completed over two days.




This is our first serious recording session at our studio. We are excited to break it in with some SNF heaviness.







Two new songs will be added to the band’s catalogue when all is said and done. Details are still TBD so there are currently no song names to divulge as of yet.  Stay tuned here for the official release date(s) and other SNF news.