Drummer Bio



Mark Ippersiel has been drumming since high school.  An early love of 80’s era heavy metal/hard rock has embedded aggressive drumming into his playing DNA.

Mark B&W


His first band was comprised of his best friend on guitar/vocals and his twin brother on bass guitar. Formed in the Ottawa valley in Ontario, Canada -this was the vehicle that brought Mark from learning his first drum beat – to opening for international bands on large stages in the G.T.A.(greater Toronto area).

Mark has played live and or recorded with various hard rock/metal/classic rock cover bands and even a “progressive” blues project. From crude four track, cassette tape based demos to professional studio recordings in the digital era – and almost every variation in between.


Mark gravitates towards larger sized acoustic drums and set ups – which probably comes from the 80’s era. Over the years his kit has expanded and contracted as space in the band van, or on stage is always at a premium.  He has also dabbled with ekits, sound sources, samples, backing tracks and triggering at various times.



Shall Not Fall fits Mark’s musical persona like a glove. He looks forward to drumming and growing with the band for years to come!






Mark’s gear of choice:

Tama drums

Roland pads/triggers

Zildjian cymbals

Evans drumheads

Mackie Live mixers

Shure Microphones