Shall Not Fall is a three piece band located in Guelph, Ontario Canada. SNF has roots in other local bands such as: Catatonic Euphoria, Howl Said The Wolves, Into Ruin, Omega A.D. and Sang Freud.


   The band started humbly as a side project that came out of a chance meeting between Zac and Leonidas. They got along well, and were both bass players. The seed was planted to hook up and jam with instruments one day.  When the day actually arrived, to Leonidas’ surprise – Zac showed up with a guitar and several song ideas. After a few song writing sessions the two considered getting some drums into the picture and Mark was contacted. Leonidas had met Mark through the local scene and had played in the same band for one show several years earlier. With Mark on drums, Leonidas on bass and Zac brandishing a guitar and lead vocals, Shall Not Fall was formed. The goals of writing/ recording heavy original music and bringing the songs to life on stage, drive SNF to this day.

Leonidas -Bass guitar/backing vocals


Mark – Drums/e-percussion

Mark B&W

Zac – Guitars/Vocals





Bio “podcast” with much more detail – coming soon!