New Year – (same) Old story

Happy 2016 from the guys of Shall Not Fall: Zac, Leonidas and Mark!


We apologize for the lack of website presence lately and assure you we are still working behind the scenes to bring our goals to fruition. What goals??  These ones!

  1. The release of two new SNF songs recorded last summer.  These songs are awaiting approval of the final mix – They will be posted soon after for you to check out. Expect an announcement soon!
  2. Five more, BRAND NEW songs are being written that have been in development since August or so. These songs  will show another side to the band – you will need to hear them for yourself to see what we mean! To be recorded (and hopefully released) in the first half of 2016.
  3. There is a good chance that all our material will be collected into a new release (the new stuff above plus our The Human Effect demo). Repackaged, remixed, and re-recorded possibly?  Stay tuned!
  4. And finally….LIVE SHOWS. 

All in all 2015 was a great year for us.  We moved into the compound and made good use of the environment to record new material.  We also released The Human Effect ep as well.  The last quarter of the year brought some expected and not so expected challenges for us to deal with. But life would be so boring without a challenge or two wouldn’t it?

Once again, Happy New Year!


Labour Daze



Hey everyone!

A new month is here and summer is quickly drawing to a close.  Shall Not Fall  got to see some great shows as well as record two more original songs and continue to write new material – so it has been a very satisfying summer for us.

Things keep rolling forward here and we thought we’d mention two pretty cool things coming from the band very soon!

1. SNF are coming to a live stage near you!  We are expecting to confirm our very first gig very soon. If you live in the area of Guelph, Cambridge, or Kitchener/Waterloo – get ready.

2.  The band will release two brand new, original songs. Both songs were recorded during our July session just over two months ago. We had a great time doing them and soon you can finally check out what kinds of ideas have been coming out of us since our five song demo last November!



Shall Not Fall is excited to finally hit the stage armed with two more songs- so keep your eyes peeled to this site for all this stuff (and more) to come down the pipeline!




Post recording update #1

Shall Not Fall is happy to report that the main recording process is in the can.  Most of the parts were completed during the July 4th weekend sessions- but vocally we left things open to get the best results.  We are ALL very happy with the sounds, and music so far.



Mixing has been ongoing back and forth – but will continue for while yet. We are under no strict deadlines so the songs will get the time that they deserve. Song titles are still being hammered out and the release date is still tbd.


So rest assured we are hard at work and continuing to bring new SNF tunes your way!







We will update this site as soon as there is more to report to keep you in the loop.


School’s Out – Metal is IN.

Summer is here and most people are relaxing and enjoying the good weather – but the members of  Shall Not Fall are not like most people!  We are hard at work with a new recording. The back half of June was spent in pre-production and recording began July 4th (and is still on going as I type this). The main tracks will be completed over two days.




This is our first serious recording session at our studio. We are excited to break it in with some SNF heaviness.







Two new songs will be added to the band’s catalogue when all is said and done. Details are still TBD so there are currently no song names to divulge as of yet.  Stay tuned here for the official release date(s) and other SNF news.



Shall Not Fall  had a long over due photo shoot last month. We were very pleased with the work of local photographer Zachary Feenstra (of ExZackt Exposure in Guelph)-and will likely make use of his services whenever we can. This guy gets band photography in a major way – but don’t take our word for it…. see for yourself!


Left to right Zac (guitars/vocals), Leonidas (bass), Mark(drums). Photo credit: Zachary Feenstra

In February we began releasing songs so you could hear how we sound.  Now with photos, you know how we look.  We’re hoping to add some recent video footage (if all goes well) and of course the ultimate expression of a band: live shows (in the near future).So rest assured we’re working behind the scenes to make this all a reality.

Also coming soon are physical cds, and official digital media. Surprisingly new material is coming together as well!  We are already talking about another recording using our excellent “Compound” facility with Leonidas’ behind the board. All in all, this should be a busy summer for Shall Not Fall – and we would not have it any other way!


The end is here….

Today marks the end….the end of our weekly string of new songs to check out from our recently finished demo:  “The Human Effect”.


This week’s track is:  Rising Tide


We feel that we may have left the best song for last.  What do you think?  Check out Rising Tide for free  and see how it compares to the other four tracks.


This sadly brings us to the end of our new material – however more tracks are being written and  there is still stuff coming soon:  digital downloads and physical cd copies of The Human Effect.  We want to make it special for the first few people in the door and have some ideas that ….well you’ll just have to wait for the details.


We also have a band subscription/email list starting up –  it is a work in progress so don’t panic if you haven’t received any updates yet – they are on the way!


Speaking of works in progress – this website is slowly coming together as well.  We will be adding more photos and media here to class the place up some!  If you have any thoughts/ideas of what you’d like to see – contact us via email @:

That’s all for this week – Rising Tide Rising Tide Rising Tide… are listening to it right?

Penultimate song from The Human Effect

It is that time of the week again – time to release another song from the Shall Not Fall e.p The Human Effect.  This is the second last song from our demo and so, sadly there is only one song left to share with you… and you will have to wait one more week to hear it. However the good news is we are going to place the three most popular SNF songs into a free bundle for you to download to your computer or ipod/music player.

So go ahead and tell us which songs you love – and they will be available to you (our fans) for free!

The entire 5 song demo will be available for purchase in digital format as physical cd format very soon.  We will also have some limited/exclusive deals for those of you interested in a little bit more than the stock 5 song demo. More details next week!


For now though – check out “Backed Against The Wall” !

Thanks for listening and visiting us at the Shall Not Fall dot com – see you next week!



Song #3 from our E.P.

Welcome back to our third week of trickling out new songs from our The Human Effect e.p.  This week’s song is titled “Torn“.  It is the longest song we have written so far and we think it shows that Shall Not Fall are not just balls out all the time.  There is a lot of atmosphere in this song – but plenty of heavy for you to sink your teeth into as well.  So check it out for FREE – just like our other 2 songs: Consumed and Time.

Torn art

Next week we will release the penultimate song from our demo…and we may have a cool surprise announcement regarding a free 3 song bundle– stay tuned!

The Second Song Drops….

Welcome back to our second week of brand new listening material from Shall Not Fall.  Our second song “Time” is now ready for you to check out (click the title of the song to hear it.)!


This was the first complete song written by the band, and now it you have the chance to hear the song that started this freight train of metal down the tracks!


More  to come – this train is just starting to roll and NEXT WEEK another song from The Human Effect will drop.  See you then!




Compound interest

It is official: Shall Not Fall is celebrating two major events in its history in February 2015.

First off – we moved into our very own rehearsing/recording facility at the start of the month. We have dubbed this spot “The Compound” and we love this friggin’ place! It is probably a good thing that there are no lodging accommodations or else we would probably never leave – true story.
It is our hope that the new digs will continue to foster our creativity/song writing and eventual live show rehearsals to new heights.

Our second announcement: ( and one that you can actually hear for yourself) is that our first demo (The Human Effect) is FINISHED! You can check out the first song released Consumed.
We have 5 songs in total that will be released over the next few weeks. Expect some other cool things as well.

Of course we would love to hear any of your thoughts regarding us and our music. Tell us what you think via band email:

We will have cool stuff for anyone who signs up for our band email – plus you will get the latest announcements straight from the band. What have you got to lose?

Onward and upward!