Hey people!

We had a great show last month in Toronto – our first one there.  We met a bunch of amazing heavy bands and were very happy with the venue and sound guy.  You don’t always luck out that way when playing a new venue for the first time.  The weather was also very warm and so the load in/ drive to the show went without a hitch.

In other news Shall Not Fall  have a brand new song soon to be slipping into our regular song rotation.  We think it will be a nice addition to  our live shows in 2017.  There could be a clue buried in this post somewhere, but for now we are keeping the song details to ourselves.    

We have a window in our live show schedule  right now so we are concentrating on material that has been in development behind the scenes from last year.  There is definitely no shortage of material with this band.  Some remixing will also be  happening to bring our earliest songs a little more in line with our current sound sonically.  So if things seem a little quiet – trust us when we say we are always making a lot of noise behind the scenes.

We want to keep bringing our music to you live! If you are in need of a heavy supporting act in GTA/K-W/London/Brantford/Hamiltion area contact us!




Giving(Metal)to the food bank



A new show – and a good cause coming together for Shall Not Fall on December 2nd 2016.

Our third show of the year will be in Port Elgin, Ontario – helping out the local food bank. The Queen’s Bar is hosting the third annual Punk Rock food bank fundraiser and is located at 603 Goderich Street.

Admission price is a donation or unopened food item.

We are honored to do our part to make someone’s Christmas season a little brighter this year. Three other bands will be throwing in their efforts as well –

Soul Slave (feature act)

Cruel Bloom

Kill Devil

If you can spare any food or donations please give what you can to help out the less fortunate.  It could be the best gift you give this year.


This show will also land on  Shall Not Fall‘s third anniversary!  Time flies when you’re having fun. If you will be in the area, or can make the trip – come celebrate with us AND help out a great cause at the same time!



November Reign

Hello everyone! Tonight Shall Not Fall will descend upon the city of Cambridge, Ontario and unleash an original set of heavy music. The Warehouse is hosting a great night of metal from the bands:
My Dear Malice

And Shall Not Fall opens the whole show. So make sure you arrive early and stay late!

In other news the very first Shall Not Fall band merch has arrived! Stickers and buttons in either black on white OR white on black options are now available at our live shows. We have other ideas up our sleeves…but you will just have to wait for us to announce them in the future.



One last bit of news: Shall Not Fall has moved into a new band “home” (rehearsal space). So far it is working out very well. We got to break in the new room rehearsing for a show – (is there any better way?). I have a feeling we will need to rehearse for another show before the end of 2016 but you will just have to wait for an official announcement on this blog, in the near future.

So come on out and have a few beers, watch some amazing bands, and don’t be afraid to say “hi”! Hope to see you there.