Live show soon – New song NOW!





In celebration of our show September 9th at Van Gogh’s Ear (Guelph, Ontario) – we’ve decided it’s time to unleash our true death metal side. A brand new song,  recorded for a while now. A song we held back on releasing to you good people until –  just such a time….

…. we present to you  –   Within


Live Shall Not Fall – it HAD to happen!



We,  the guys from Shall Not Fall,  are very happy to finally announce that our first show EVER — has been confirmed!

Those of you within travelling distance of Guelph, Ontario can check us out at Van Gogh’s Ear – a prominent venue that has been part of the local scene for years.










The date is Friday September 9th @ 9pm.  We will be supporting other cool bands: Luke Austin and Zealots Desire.


Needless to say we hope this is only the beginning – and that plenty of shows will soon follow in the near future. However this is ground zero – this is the beginning.  Please come out and support us and the other great bands – not to mention a kick ass venue (far too few remain) that has the balls to keep live music happening in Guelph.


Click the link below to find the venue!

Van Goghs Ear – Guelph, ONmap