Fool me once




A fool about drums…

Do you give a shit about drums?  Do you care about the little things that go into a recording?  Do you ever consider how much a band does to create something from nothing (making art/music) and then developing/refining the music and finally capturing it to release to the public at large?


I’m guessing that most of you don’t.  Why should you?

That is our job – we are fools for this stuff.  We get very detail oriented which can be a blessing AND a curse.  The danger is – you run the risk of getting so caught up in the details that you lose the big picture.

All birch in 2016! The current drum rig for pre-production

The big picture for us is to make music that kicks ass, and then go out live and kick YOUR ass in person.

We want to give you your fix of some heavy music that gets you through your work out, bad day at work, argument with your significant other – or puts a smile on your face as you crank your radio and put your foot to the floor out for a drive on a beautiful, sunny day.


Pre-production: guitars only? I guess the drums and bass lines are already perfect!

How music makes you feel – that’s the key point.  How it is made is probably about as interesting as watching paint dry for the majority of the people reading this post. So I really don’t want to make another post about how we are getting close to recording more Shall Not Fall music.  About how much work/fun it is for us.

The bottom line is we care about these songs.  We pour all that we have into them with the hope that you will hear the results in the end.  Does it matter to you that I use microphone “x” on my snare drum?  Does it matter what colour the paint is in the mixing room?  Nope.

The world can always use another great band, great album or great song.  That is my opinion.  There may be tonnes of them out there already, but there is always room for one more.  If we can be that band, have that album, or one song for YOU.  Then I think we have spent our time well.

*Drops mic*


Lars and I – working on getting that magical St. Anger snare sound! APRIL FOOL