Inertia…..what inertia?

febblogpicMid February 2016:  This time of year is typically pretty non-eventful.  Most of the “significant” holidays are behind us for another year. There isn’t a whole lot to look forward to except possibly a March break getaway or the eventual end of the winter months.

Shall Not Fall is working against this potential inertia by continuing to produce new material.  Writing and recording new songs seemed the best use of our collective time due to tighter schedule constraints recently. We have always had a surplus of new ideas since S.N.F. began. And since all of us are at home in the studio and love the creative give and take of song writing, it was an easy choice to get to work solidifying many of our ideas into brand new songs.


We’re having fun right guys??

This work can sometimes be about as unglamorous as the time of year we are doing it in. Tweaking tempos by as little as one beat per minute, miniscule arrangement ideas and tuning changes, lyrics and song titles being kicked around etc. We are pushing forward and making fantastic progress. Getting the small things right usually helps you get the big things right in the end.

We have a total of five songs being developed at this moment. These songs are stretching our boundaries and helping us to explore new territory.  Shall Not Fall has a love of all things heavy, but we are also influenced by many other bands and styles of music. An outside musician is even being considered for a certain song at the moment. So if you think you know us – you may be in for a nice surprise! Our target is to fuse our old and new material together and form a killer live set. Then we will concentrate on live shows for the rest of the year.


Sometimes the best way forward is to put your head down and continue placing one foot in front of the other. Just imagine: nice weather, a cool beverage in your hand and brand new Shall Not Fall music in your device of choice – or better yet on stage in front of you very soon!