New song: Awaken

Well just as promised we have the first of two tracks recorded last summer for you to finally listen to.

This song is one of our heaviest yet – see if you agree!


Dredging out this life
So estranged to humanity
Taking the last breath
Fighting every step
Nonconformance to society

Deeper down the rabbit hole
I don’t care how far it goes
The walls are closing in
This nightmare is set to begin

We think
What they want us to think

We feel
What they want us to feel

We want
What they want us to want

We are
What they want us to be

Rise from the ashes
Fight the unnamed
Fists clenched with rage
We will not be restrained

Find the strength to fight
Or step aside
We are the broken
Remains of mankind

Our differences unite us
Make no mistake
The ones that manipulate
Are the ones to blame

They prey upon our fears
To take freedom away
Just look around you
We’re all trapped in this cage

Our differences unite us
Make no mistake
The ones that manipulate
Are the ones enslaved

Forsake your early grave
We hate
Who they want us to hate
When only the dead
Can avoid this plague
We are left
To define our age.

New Year – (same) Old story

Happy 2016 from the guys of Shall Not Fall: Zac, Leonidas and Mark!


We apologize for the lack of website presence lately and assure you we are still working behind the scenes to bring our goals to fruition. What goals??  These ones!

  1. The release of two new SNF songs recorded last summer.  These songs are awaiting approval of the final mix – They will be posted soon after for you to check out. Expect an announcement soon!
  2. Five more, BRAND NEW songs are being written that have been in development since August or so. These songs  will show another side to the band – you will need to hear them for yourself to see what we mean! To be recorded (and hopefully released) in the first half of 2016.
  3. There is a good chance that all our material will be collected into a new release (the new stuff above plus our The Human Effect demo). Repackaged, remixed, and re-recorded possibly?  Stay tuned!
  4. And finally….LIVE SHOWS. 

All in all 2015 was a great year for us.  We moved into the compound and made good use of the environment to record new material.  We also released The Human Effect ep as well.  The last quarter of the year brought some expected and not so expected challenges for us to deal with. But life would be so boring without a challenge or two wouldn’t it?

Once again, Happy New Year!