Post recording update #1

Shall Not Fall is happy to report that the main recording process is in the can.  Most of the parts were completed during the July 4th weekend sessions- but vocally we left things open to get the best results.  We are ALL very happy with the sounds, and music so far.



Mixing has been ongoing back and forth – but will continue for while yet. We are under no strict deadlines so the songs will get the time that they deserve. Song titles are still being hammered out and the release date is still tbd.


So rest assured we are hard at work and continuing to bring new SNF tunes your way!







We will update this site as soon as there is more to report to keep you in the loop.


School’s Out – Metal is IN.

Summer is here and most people are relaxing and enjoying the good weather – but the members of  Shall Not Fall are not like most people!  We are hard at work with a new recording. The back half of June was spent in pre-production and recording began July 4th (and is still on going as I type this). The main tracks will be completed over two days.




This is our first serious recording session at our studio. We are excited to break it in with some SNF heaviness.







Two new songs will be added to the band’s catalogue when all is said and done. Details are still TBD so there are currently no song names to divulge as of yet.  Stay tuned here for the official release date(s) and other SNF news.