Shall Not Fall  had a long over due photo shoot last month. We were very pleased with the work of local photographer Zachary Feenstra (of ExZackt Exposure in Guelph)-and will likely make use of his services whenever we can. This guy gets band photography in a major way – but don’t take our word for it…. see for yourself!


Left to right Zac (guitars/vocals), Leonidas (bass), Mark(drums). Photo credit: Zachary Feenstra

In February we began releasing songs so you could hear how we sound.  Now with photos, you know how we look.  We’re hoping to add some recent video footage (if all goes well) and of course the ultimate expression of a band: live shows (in the near future).So rest assured we’re working behind the scenes to make this all a reality.

Also coming soon are physical cds, and official digital media. Surprisingly new material is coming together as well!  We are already talking about another recording using our excellent “Compound” facility with Leonidas’ behind the board. All in all, this should be a busy summer for Shall Not Fall – and we would not have it any other way!