Penultimate song from The Human Effect

It is that time of the week again – time to release another song from the Shall Not Fall e.p The Human Effect.  This is the second last song from our demo and so, sadly there is only one song left to share with you… and you will have to wait one more week to hear it. However the good news is we are going to place the three most popular SNF songs into a free bundle for you to download to your computer or ipod/music player.

So go ahead and tell us which songs you love – and they will be available to you (our fans) for free!

The entire 5 song demo will be available for purchase in digital format as physical cd format very soon.  We will also have some limited/exclusive deals for those of you interested in a little bit more than the stock 5 song demo. More details next week!


For now though – check out “Backed Against The Wall” !

Thanks for listening and visiting us at the Shall Not Fall dot com – see you next week!