Song #3 from our E.P.

Welcome back to our third week of trickling out new songs from our The Human Effect e.p.  This week’s song is titled “Torn“.  It is the longest song we have written so far and we think it shows that Shall Not Fall are not just balls out all the time.  There is a lot of atmosphere in this song – but plenty of heavy for you to sink your teeth into as well.  So check it out for FREE – just like our other 2 songs: Consumed and Time.

Torn art

Next week we will release the penultimate song from our demo…and we may have a cool surprise announcement regarding a free 3 song bundle– stay tuned!

The Second Song Drops….

Welcome back to our second week of brand new listening material from Shall Not Fall.  Our second song “Time” is now ready for you to check out (click the title of the song to hear it.)!


This was the first complete song written by the band, and now it you have the chance to hear the song that started this freight train of metal down the tracks!


More  to come – this train is just starting to roll and NEXT WEEK another song from The Human Effect will drop.  See you then!




Compound interest

It is official: Shall Not Fall is celebrating two major events in its history in February 2015.

First off – we moved into our very own rehearsing/recording facility at the start of the month. We have dubbed this spot “The Compound” and we love this friggin’ place! It is probably a good thing that there are no lodging accommodations or else we would probably never leave – true story.
It is our hope that the new digs will continue to foster our creativity/song writing and eventual live show rehearsals to new heights.

Our second announcement: ( and one that you can actually hear for yourself) is that our first demo (The Human Effect) is FINISHED! You can check out the first song released Consumed.
We have 5 songs in total that will be released over the next few weeks. Expect some other cool things as well.

Of course we would love to hear any of your thoughts regarding us and our music. Tell us what you think via band email:

We will have cool stuff for anyone who signs up for our band email – plus you will get the latest announcements straight from the band. What have you got to lose?

Onward and upward!