Recording progress



Well it has been a few weeks – I gorged on drums and then sank into a drum hangover. When I regained my sanity, I learned that the drum tracks were finished and the guitar tracks were well underway.



Behold the Franken-kit! This is the set up I went with. I won’t bore you with the details but the basics are maple toms, birch kick and a brass snare. The drum sizes are slightly smaller (than usual) and I used my smaller cymbals as well.


This is Leo – bassist, engineer and one well organized guy.  His planning helped the drum tracks go very smoothly.  He even supplied pretty much all the food for the weekend as well as energy drinks ,gatorade, coffee – it was awesome! Thanks again Leo ( and his work has only just begun…)


Here is Zac – singer,guitarist AND bassist. He helped keep morale high through out the weekend. Zac barely left all weekend and he wasn’t even technically recording his parts…the guy slept over! He’s got enough energy for 2 bands and then some.


Zac is most of the way through his guitar tracks…but that is another story – stay tuned!