Fall Forward

One week – actually less until Shall Not Fall begin to record our inaugural demo. It seems we have all the details figured out – the plans have been made and all that is left is the execution. But anyone who has gone through the recording process knows – you can never plan for everything. Still – fail to plan, plan to fail.


bundle o' sticks


Drum journal #2:

The drumsticks have arrived and my headphones seem to be holding up. So it is looking like I shouldn’t  have any issues with tracking drums. No new broken sticks this week, I have been reigning myself in because  there IS a such thing as too much energy/effort being  expended. To play well (and especially fast) looseness is the key. Even after all these years I can always improve on playing more loose and relaxed. In my own defense those sticks from last week WERE old and ready to break anyways.

The practice kit

The practice kit

This is the view I have had running through the drum tracks.  The drum mic shown in the photo above is just a test for positioning. The actual kit I will record with will be a combination of various kits. A “Frankenstein” kit – very Halloween appropriate. Don’t worry there will be an ass load of photos from all of us next weekend, I’m sure.



Here is what will end up being the control room for the recording. Leo and Zac will be manning the board from here. There will be much coffee consumed here – yep….coffee.

Next week we will begin to show photos of what is actually happening on the demo – not just speculation. The start date is quickly approaching now. The clocks have been set back but it is all forward for S.N.F.