Drums of Destruction

This week:  a peek into the S.N.F. drummer journal. We are 2 weeks away from our recording weekend and drums are the first matter of business…
I’m having fun preparing for the drum tracks. Oddly enough, I have been breaking drumsticks over the last week. It shows me that this music has me pumped. Besides did too much enthusiasm ever hurt when it comes to drumming? Actually….Don’t  answer  that.



Busted sticks and high quality H20. Too much coffee that day?

Also my 14 year old headphones that have gotten me through ALL my major recording work/practices  are fading fast. These things aren’t cheap and I wasn’t expecting another out of pocket expense. I have to decide on something “for now” – or something that will last AND cost.  I like to get the best I can afford but timing is everything with me right now.


Hi hats cradle the headphones mentioned above. To replace or not to replace?

I am always amazed at how much I learn  when preparing to record.  There are so many ways to get things done and there is always  more to learn.  I feel very confident  with my parts and all the songs.  Can’t  wait to share with everyone, but I cannot guarantee  the safety of any drumstick within arms reach. That reminds me, I need to get to the music store and grab  some more sticks before the next session!

S.N.F. drum journal entry #1



Thanksgiving aftermath

An update for our demo pre-production last weekend.


We shook the foundation at Regal Road Studios in Guelph as we went through our “demo-worthy” songs.
Each member of the band continues to fine tune their parts as well as enhance their sounds. New gear/rentals and eq adjustments are all being tested and perfected to make maximum impact. It is obvious that we all love making this music! (Having two d.i.y. recording enthusiasts in the band definitely does not hurt)


In just 3 weeks we will begin the actual recording process of bringing this music to life, and the outside world.
We will continue to update the events as they unfold.



SNF goin’ under the Mic.

Shall Not Fall is set to record a demo consisting of 3 to 6 songs this November.
The as yet unnamed demo will be engineered and produced by all three members of Shall Not Fall. It will be the first step in preparing for live and heavy original gigs in 2015.



We hope to release the demo in the first quarter of 2015. However a Christmas 2014 release just might happen – stay tuned.

Welcome to Shall Not Fall.com!

Hi!  We are a 3 piece Heavy band based in Southern Ontario, Canada. We are just moving in so there is not much to see right now. This is our official page and will be the main place to get info about us.

If Facebook is your thing, we have a band page there as well: https://www.facebook.com/shallnotfall

email:  bandshallnotfall@gmail.com




Where's that damn drummer?

Where’s that damn drummer?